Spring Musical 2018

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Guys and Dolls Jr.

Thank you for auditioningI it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there, and make the attempt. We do not take this process lightly and we had to make some very difficult decisions.
You can all be happy with your audition!

We have added a Pre-Show, that will be performed before the Musical. If your name is not on the Cast List, please check the Pre-Show List.

If you are on the Cast List, we will meet after school on Wednesday, Dec. 20 from
in the Drama room.

If you are on the Pre-Show List, we will meet on Monday, Dec. 18 from 3:45-4:30pm in the Drama room.

Let us know if there are any time conflicts, or if you have chosen not to participate.

TO THOSE WHO WERE NOT CAST: We know how painful that can be. We hope you understand our decisions were based on our vision for the show. You might not have the right look, or the right sound for this production. We are also limited on stage space. We strongly encourage you to work on the crew, and to please audition again next year!

Ms. Apetean
Mr. Downing

View Cast List here

View Pre-Cast List here