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Posted on 09/08/2017
Teacher FeatureFeatured in the Meadowbrook Star, check out the profiles of our teachers, created by PTO President Julie Weinberg.
 Ms. Benz  

Monica Benz seems like she’s read every book in the school library, so it’s surprising to hear Meadowbrook’s librarian of 11 years say she “hated reading” as a kid. Read more

 Ms. Robison  

Kate Robison is a proud graduate of District 28 schools and is thrilled to be back as a fourth grade teacher at Meadowbrook.  “I have felt nothing but welcomed,” she said.

Shamsha Rupshi    Shamsha Rupshi credits her family and a few personal experiences with leading her to a second grade classroom at Meadowbrook.
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 Ms. Silver  Shana Silver is Meadowbrook’s newest teacher.  She stepped in as a first grade teacher just one week before the start of school.  
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