Goal reached: Girls School Gets Water

Girls High School to Open in Kenya in January 2017
Posted on 10/05/2016
St. Esther’s Girls High School near Nairobi, Kenya

Drilling for a well in Kenya is underway thanks to the generous support of Northbrook District 28 families. The well represents the final hurdle to opening a high school built to serve teen girls who live in the Kibera Slum of Nairobi, Kenya.

The District 28 PTO Council has worked with the Fred Outa Foundation for more than ten years to raise money to build the school. The recent fund-raising effort provided $20,000 needed to bring running water to the rurally located school.

Now that the well is funded, St. Esther’s Girls High School will open in January 2017. Many girls in Kenya do not continue in education past the middle grades and are married at a young age, said Joli Fridman, president of the Fred Outa Foundation.

“We are so pleased to have such a supportive community to help make this possible,” Mrs. Fridman said.

Fridman, along with husband Ruben, and Kim and Jared Svoboda, has taken up the Fred Outa Foundation work first started by Sue Vaickauski. Now retired from her position as administrative assistant at Westmoor School, Vaickauski, started the foundation after meeting Mr. Outa at his school in the Kibera Slum during a visit to Kenya.

Vaickauski worked with the PTO Council to hold an annual Concert for Africa and raised more than $200,000. The funds went to the construction of the girls’ high school as well as support for food and supplies for Mr. Outa’s elementary school that serves more than 400 children in the Kibera slum. The Svoboda family visited the school in 2015.

Fred Outa will be visiting Northbrook again this year in January with updated information and pictures of the school District 28 families built.  The PTO Council is planning a Family Fun Day at Athletico Center in Glenview on Martin Luther King Day, Jan. 16, 2017. For more information visit fredouta.org.