RED Week Builds Empathy for Disabilities

RED Week Builds Empathy for Disabilities
Posted on 06/03/2016
Students experience the sensory tent.

RED Week -- Respect Each person’s Differences Week -- debuted at Meadowbrook School last week thanks to the hard work of PTO parent volunteer Liz Lin-Wang. Students started the week taking the Respect Each person’s Differences Pledge and signing a handprint that was displayed in the main hallway.
On Friday, Mrs. Wang and parent volunteers organized a Disabilities Awareness Fair, which younger students attended with their older ‘buddies.’ Four different stations exposed to students to different types of disabilities through games, interactive displays, and short videos that shared information or simulated different disabilities. The biggest attraction was a sensory room, where students were surrounded by bright flashing lights and loud noises, simulating what some students experience with a sensory disorder.
“We are hoping RED week is a unifying all-school event that 
we can do every year with different activities. We want the students to sign the pledge every year,” said Mrs. Wang. “I hope we can teach our kids to be supportive and compassionate to all students -- whether in their class, grade or school,” she said.
Second-grader Genevieve said the sensory room, “was very distracting.” She always wondered why some students wear sound-dampening headphones. Now she has an idea why they need help.
“We hope this event helps our students develop empathy for their classmates,” said Pat Thome, principal.

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