Ms. Geib

It is not the Strength, but Desire that motivates us. Success
If it isn't happening, make it happen.
Work Hard to get Good, then work harder to get Better. Focus
Make the Most out of every Opportunity.
Hard Word
Beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.


My goal for PE is to encourage your child to obtain knowledge and skills that will enable her to lead a healthy and physically active lifestyle.  Making children aware of physical activities will provide them opportunities for enjoyment, self-expression, and personal challenges.

 The students will be exposed to several activities throughout the year such as: Flag Football, Soccer, Fitness testing, Saturn Ball, Basketball, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Eclipse Ball, Gymnastics, Softball, Track & Field, Badminton, Floor Hockey, Team Building, and various other interactive games.

I expect the students to put forth their best effort and be respectful of me and their classmates.