Teacher Webpages

Please note who teachers who do not have websites are not listed on this page. Teachers' e-mail addresses and phone numbers can be found on the website under the Staff Directory.

6th Grade

Ms. Julie Buzza-Language Arts
Mrs. Laura Cohen – Language Arts
Ms. Micheline Cosentino – Science
Miss Cassandra Franzese - Language Arts
Ms. Meghan Henry – Math
Sra. Kalisker - World Language
Ms. Beth Mand - Special Education
Mrs. Anne Millman – Language Arts
Mrs. Lauren Mulkerrin – Learning Resource
Ms. Brenda Nowitzki - Social Studies
Mrs. Lisa Peyrot – Learning Resource
Mr. Jason Piechowiak - Social Studies
Mrs. Karee Schwartz – Math
Ms. Melissa Sen - Spanish
Mrs. Jane Tangney - Math
Mrs. Shannon Zajac - Science

7th Grade:

Ms. Sarah Avallone – Language Arts
Mrs. Liz Floss– Language Arts
Mr. Mark Frye – Science
Mr. Matthew Haggis – Language Arts
Mr. Mike Jaros – Social Studies

Mrs. Courtney Luken – Math
Mrs. Erin McAnally – Learning Resource
Mrs. Pam Mendelson – Science
Mrs. Amber Paull - Science
Mrs. Emily Pietrasiak - Math
Ms. Jennifer Ross – Spanish
Ms. Katrina Streips – Social Studies
Ms. Velvet Thomas - Language Arts

8th Grade:

Mrs. Heather Corral – Language Arts
Mrs. Ana DeLaRosa - Spanish
Mr. Ken Fine – Learning Resource
Mrs. Susan Friedlander – Math
Ms. Georgia Gikunoo -- Spanish
Ms. Wendy Hicks - Language Arts
Mr. Dave Kostal - Science
Mr. Michael Lacerra – Language Arts
Ms. Hilary Masterton -- Social Studies
Ms. Rachel von Holst - Social Studies


Ms. Hilary Eiden – School Psychologist
Ms. Jennifer Novak - Speech-Language Pathologist
Mrs. Kristina Pierce - Instructional Coach
Mr. Kyle Puciarello - Librarian
Ms. Danielle Ramakrishnan - School Social Work
Ms. Lauren Wenk- Technology Support Specialist

Special Areas:

Ms. Anca Apetean - Music
Ms. Stephanie Badzioch - Family & Consumer Sciences
Mr. Pete Caris – Woodworking
Mrs. Wendy Concklin – Health, Fitness, and Wellness
Sarah Cohen - EL Teacher
Mr. David Downing – Drama
Ms. Hilary Eiden - School Psychologist
Mrs. Nicole Gas – EL Teacher
Ms. Kula Geib - Physical Education
Mr. Mike Govert – Orchestra
Mr. Ryan Graham - Physical Education
Mr. Dave Grossman- Physical Education
Mr. Mark Hay – Art
Mrs. Becky Heller - Gifted and Talented Services Coordinator
Ms. Erin McAnally - Special Education
Ms. Jeri Muehleise – Orchestra
Mrs. Debbee Peterson – Orchestra
Mr. Aaron Sato – STEM
Mr. Greg Scapillato – Wind Ensemble 
Ms. Deena Seifer - Physical Education
Mrs. Sarah Stanley – Orchestra
Ms. Keri Stone – Concert Band